Héctor Zamora and Carol Bove Awarded Met Museum Commissions

Carol Bove’s Glyph sculpture.  Photo: Courtesy of Maccarone Gallery

Artforum reports that the Metropolitan Museum of Art has selected Mexican artist Héctor Zamora to create a work for the museum’s Roof Garden and have commissioned Carol Bove to produce work for the facade of its Fifth Avenue building. Héctor Zamora’s “Lattice Detour” will be on view from 21st April to 25th October, and Bove’s work will be shown from September.

Chair of modern and contemporary art, Sheena Wagstaff said of the project: “In their own way, each artist will challenge conventional approaches to two very different architectural spaces. For the Roof Garden, Héctor Zamora will invite us to reconsider the panoramic view of the city skyline and the implications of obstruction and permeability within a social space. Carol Bove will animate the constrained architectural framing of the Beaux-Arts facade with colourful stylised abstractions.”