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Capitain Petzel
Online exhibition, view here.

isabella ducrot
Isabella Ducrot, Big Blue Teapot, 2019

Capitain Petzel launches a series of online exhibitions inspired by the concept of Rhizome, originally a botanical term appropriated by the French philosophers Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari.

‘A rhizome is characterized by ceaselessly established connections between semiotic chains, organizations of power, and circumstances relative to the arts, sciences, and social struggles.’ -Excerpt from A Thousand Plateaus

Given the infinite connections between the artists in the gallery program, the gallery is taking this notion of connectivity and ever-evolving narratives to bring to you 7 themed constellations — each week the gallery will present 7 works by 7 artists in contribution to a wider, relevant discourse. The online shows will be launched via Mailchimp & instagram.

Node 1/7 Text — Launching April 2nd
Node 2/7 Cal Arts — Launching April 9th
Node 3/7 The Domestic — Launching April 16th
Node 4/7 Works on Paper — Launching April 23rd
Node 5/7 The Technical Image — Launching April 30th
Node 6/7 Pictures Generation — Launching May 7th
Node 7/7 Moving Images — Launching May 14th

Feat. works by Yael Bartana, Walead Beshty, Karla Black, Ross Bleckner, Barbara Bloom, Andrea Bowers, Troy Brauntuch, Isabella Ducrot, Stefanie Heinze, Charline von Heyl, Sean Landers, Maria Lassnig, Robert Longo, Sarah Morris, Matt Mullican, Peter Piller, Tobias Pils, Seth Price, Stephen Prina, Pieter Schoolwerth, Amy Sillman, Monika Sosnowska & Christopher Williams.

via Capitain Petzel, Berlin
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