Selection of audio/video/text works available online — at SWEETWATER BERLIN

❦ Christopher Aque
❦ Luzie Meyer
❦ Kayode Ojo
❦ Gaby Sahhar
❦ Jesse Stecklow
❦ Constantin Thun
Sweetwater, Berlin
Online viewing

Each of the artists at Sweetwater have selected an audio, video, or text work of theirs to remain available until the gallery is able to re-open, accessible through the links below.

❦ Christopher Aque, Identity Intelligence (World Trade Center), 2016
❦ Luzie Meyer, Tilted, 2017
❦ Kayode Ojo, Us, 2017
❦ Gaby Sahhar, Origins, 2019
❦ Jesse Stecklow, Running Piece, 2016
❦ Constantin Thun, no title,, 2018

via website, Sweetwater, Berlin
All images © the gallery and the artist(s)