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Kerstin Brätsch
Fossil Psychics for Christa
Gavin Brown’s Enterprise
Online viewing

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Kerstin Brätsch, Fossil Psychics for Christa, 2020, Gavin Brown’s Enterprise (Online Viewing Room)

Kerstin Brätsch’s most recent works, titled Fossil Psychics for Christa, are brightly-colored, three dimensional stuccos, hovering between the realms of painting and sculpture. Stucco is a form of plaster, historically used to imitate marble and other rare stones. “It’s about extending painting,” Brätsch has explained of what drives her work, “following the logic of my brushstroke but in a different language.”  With this material, Brätsch creates “paintings” that appear ancient, like the result of geologic phenomena. Created with the assistance of master artisan Valter Cipriani, they resemble brushstrokes and monsters, regular motifs in Brätsch’s oeuvre. These impossible objects are physically immediate, almost demanding to be touched, as well as deeply mysterious, like fossils transported here from another, less corporeal realm. Read and view more under the link below:

via Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, New York
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