Hardeep Pandhal, Confessions of a Klabautermann, 2017. Courtesy of the artist.

In response to the temporary closure of the gallery Goldsmiths CCA have launched a programme that allows for ongoing contact with art and artists, and can be enjoyed from home.

A seven week programme of online artist film that includes works by artists Goldsmiths has exhibited, friends of the gallery, and works with prescient themes. The programme aims to keep us all engaged with artist’s ideas and perspectives in a difficult time, whose works we love and admire. They host two films per week, which will launch on Monday morning for one week only. Previous films include Bedwyr Williams, Echt, and Tony Cokes, Testament A: MF FKA K-P X KE RIP, Hardeep Pandhal Konfessions of a Klabautermann, and Corey Hayman, Still Life (Trojan Sounds). Films can be viewed on the Channel section of their website.

A social social-distancing school which provides creative learning activities in response to covid-19 school closures. Tasks are posted on the project’s Instagram @down_up_down_up every week and focus on simple things do at home with limited everyday materials. Activities have been devised with children and families in mind but we invite you to get involved whether you’re 1 or 100.

A section of the website that hosts evolving content drawing on the programme. Special lockdown commissions, online exhibition walkthrough’s, interviews with artists, and archives of previous talks and events are listed here, alongside films streamed as part of CCA Streams. Take a look here.

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