Heide Hinrichs: ringing critical forests at Parthenón-fríz Hal, Budapest

Zsófia Keresztes
Conquered Storage
Ghent, Belgium
October 10 – November 29, 2020
All images copyright and courtesy of the artist and KIOSK, Ghent

The exhibition marks a new step in the development of a conscious anti-spectacular practice with a particularly modest economy. Hinrichs uses simple materials such as wood, pencil, paper, plaster, rope and stone to create rich sensory experiences. The human body forms a reference when creating three-dimensional objects with organic shapes.

Hinrichs’ works are reactions to situations she experiences and often connected to the surroundings of places where she has lived or worked, such as her current flat in Brussels or the house where she grew up in Germany. Her sculptures refer to both intimate events and are elements of imaginary dialogues. Bringing the past and the present together to find pleasure in the now is a common thread throughout her work.

Next to her exhibition, KIOSK supports the publication of shelf documents which will be published in January 2021 by Track Report, KASK Antwerp. The book forms the legacy of the collaborative research project second shelf that Hinrichs started in 2018. The research triggered several libraries and educational institutions nationally and internationally to commence the acquisition process of a specific series of publications by non-binary, female, queer and artists of color.