Ambera Wellmann: Nosegay Tornado — at Company Gallery

Ambera Wellmann
Nosegay Tornado
Company Gallery
88 Eldridge Street, Fifth Floor, New York,
November 18 – January 16, 2021Wednesday—Saturday, 12 – 6pm

Nosegay Tornado is Ambera Wellmann’s first exhibition at Company Gallery and presents a body of paintings produced during the last six months. Inspired by William Blake’s apocalyptic works, Wellmann distorts perspective through a constellation of objects that reference interior spaces, yet squarely place the pictures within the universal realm of the elements. In these familiar, yet unrecognizable scenes, the inside-outside landscape becomes an extension for the body and its psyche.

Multiple bodies, animals and flowers extend suddenly into landscapes that offer up a thawing mise-enscene within which a queered pictorial logic appears. In this new body of work, a dramatic want for the catastrophic coexists with an expectation of possibility; in Wellmann’s work an alternative landscape within which to form relations is almost within reach. Refusing placement in terms of perspective, site or time, the paintings sit on the precipice of a dream-state and alternative future, collapsing time through the avoidance of clear signifiers in the backgrounds of the work. The hollowness of the present, as cited by Jose Muñoz, is what defines queerness as a potential yet to be reached.

The emptied-out landscapes of Wellmann – in complete refusal of straight time – are demonstrative of this hollowed-out state of yearning to become outstretched toward the potentials that exist on Muñoz’s horizon. The figures in these works are allowed to operate in the vacuums created by Wellmann, their engagement with each other emphasized in the amalgamation of bodies. Here, their small-scaled confinement is an always-unfolding universe; Wellmann’s figures reach for a dynamic of non-hierarchal horizontality, their heaving oscillation into one another tests out power arrangements in a new landscape of potentiality.

Text: Rozsa Farkas