Gerasimos Floratos: Psychogeography — Almine Rech, Paris

Gerasimos Floratos
Almine Rech
64 Rue de Turenne, 75003 Paris
November 20, 2020 — January 08, 2021

Gerasimos Floratos lives and works near Times Square, in the diverse and vibrant neighbourhood of Hell’s Kitchen. His Greek-American parents run a Deli there; the artist has set up his studio downstairs, connected to the outside world only by basement windows through which he can just perceive the feet of passers-by and bustle of the city.

As both an internal production tool and observation point of the outside, the studio has become the matrix of his work, which oscillates between the private and the public, between isolation and togetherness.

The exhibition entitled Psychogeography references a term Gerasimos Floratos often uses and which he has borrowed from Guy Debord. This “science” was invented in the 1950s, when the French intellectual was actively involved in the Letterist International collective, and proposed to analyse and reinvent the development of the planned urban environment and its effects on the emotions and behaviour of individuals.