Juliette Sturlése, Sophie Ullrich — at REITER

Juliette Sturlése, Sophie Ullrich
Potsdamerstr. 81B, 10785 Berlin
20 November 2020 – 6 February, 2021
All images copyright and courtesy of the artist(s) and the gallery

Juliette Sturlèse’s large paintings oscillate between figuration and abstraction, sitting comfortably between the two. The highly suggestive titles give a clue to the viewer as to what one ought to see and trigger the imaginative impulse of our brain. The blubs of colours painted on the surface of the canvas become complex scenes filled with people and emotions. Even in her more figurative work, Sturlèse’s work seems primarily concerned with capturing the essence of a moment: the colour of the light, the movement of the people, and the sounds of a place.

Juliette Sturlèse (b. 1989) studied at the Sorbonne, Paris and the Berlin Weißensee School of Art. She was Meisterschülerin (postgraduate studies) of Prof. Nader Ahriman. Sturlèse lives and works in Sheffield and Berlin.

A comic-like stylised figure characterises the paintings of Sophie Ullrich. The outlines, mostly reduced to arms and hands, combine abstract pictorial elements and schematic backgrounds with accurately painted objects. In this humorous narrative, the neutral protagonist slips into a variety of roles and enables the appropriation of diverse objects and consumer products. Referring to advertising aesthetics, Ullrich’s works seem like the painterly satisfaction of desires and needs conveyed by the media. At the same time, her artistic approach describes a playful examination of the common genres of portrait and still life in times of potentially interchangeable identities in our selfie and social media society.

Sophie Ullrich (b. 1990) graduated from the Düsseldorf Art Academy as a Meisterschülerin (postgraduate studies) of Eberhardt Havekost. Ullrich lives and works in Düsseldorf.