Piotr Skiba: Murmur over the body lobe at Spazio ORR, Brescia

Piotr Skiba
Murmur over the body lobe
Spazio ORR
Artist-run space
Via Cremona 115, Brescia (Italy)
November 14 – December 30, 2020
All images copyright and courtesy of the artist(s) and the gallery

Piotr Skiba in his work clearly underlines the physical presence of things and people, putting everything on the same level. In his works stands out a value connected to the square of the Kosmonautów residential complex, where he lived and worked for years.

His attention is focused on the potential of “lowest rank” disposables. Skiba uses mass-produced objects, parts and materials related to basic, universal human needs. Things such as steel filters, abandoned clothes, broken light bulbs, lighters are often combined in bronze and aluminium castings with organic forms, e.g. with insects, cuticles, nails or KFC wings. The artist lives with them in his apartment, changing, dismantling or assembling into prototype elements, creating sculptural hybrids of neighbourhood monuments. Piotr Skiba’s objects seem to evoke a world where things have taken control, where the human body has only left traces. Similar to Nick Flynn’s poem “Statuary” (Sculptural) – he works like a bee struggling with the body of a snail or mouse poisoned in a hive. Acting methodically, the artist struggles with the object – “the body”, to finally expel it or dismantle it in order to, as Flynn described it poetically, “hermetically close it in a propolis and wax tomb above the city’s ordinary monuments.” Skiba’s archaeological excavations describe a man who tries to oppose nature and fails, leaving a feeling of emptiness and melancholy.