Douglas Gordon: Paradise, at Dvir Gallery, Brussels

The new paintings juxtapose the cyclical movement of time conducted by the intermittent appearance and disappearance of the images with a sense of change and extension implied by the vague contours and positions of the canvases and the flowing drips of wax and paint.

On view until 10 April

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Lydia Gifford: Shape I know, at Galería Alegría, Barcelona

Poetic in their realisation, the selection of works presented is not only an introduction to Lydia Gifford’s art, but it is also a great opportunity to gauge the health of contemporary painting practice.

On view until February 27
Appointment required

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Tam Ochiai: Tapetum Lucidum at Maison Hermes Le Forum, Tokyo

In each of Tam Ochiai works, multiple time periods and fluid thoughts come and go, which can be described as the gestures of an artist who is in the process of forming and dismantling a concept, and then connecting it to the next thought.

On view until 11 April

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Michael Armitage: Paradise Edict at Haus der Kunst, Munich

With Paradise Edict Michael Armitage, who will be awarded the renowned Ruth Baumgarte Art Award in the fall, celebrates his first major presentation in a museum setting and his first show in Germany.

On view until 14 February
Temporarily closed

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