Shannon Cartier Lucy: Fooled again — at Hussenot, Paris

Lucy’s paintings are loquacious despite seeming unassuming. They thrust us towards the edge of a precipice right where our inhibitions ends and our subconscious begins. Suddenly, we find ourselves in the entrails of a complex labyrinth where the walls are moving…

On view until 27 February

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Hangama Amiri: Bazaar, A Recollection of Home at T293, Rome

Having grown up in Nova Scotia (Canada) and being currently based in New Haven (Connecticut), Amiri looks back at her native country, where she lived until the age of six, through a critical approach with the aim at celebrating the contemporary lifestyle of Afghan women.

On view until 29 January, 2021

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Piotr Skiba: Murmur over the body lobe at Spazio ORR, Brescia

Piotr Skiba in his work clearly underlines the physical presence of things and people, putting everything on the same level. In his works stands out a value connected to the square of the Kosmonautów residential complex, where he lived and worked for years.

On view until December 30, 2021

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The exhibition by Hugo Canoilas at the Serralves Museum is both a confirmation of, and an expansion on, some core concerns in his practice: a speculative approach to the relationship between art and reality (political and social events), a questioning of the characteristics and boundaries of painting, and an emphasis on collaborative work.

On view until 21 February, 2021

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Robert Nava at Sorry We’re Closed, Brussels

This is what Nava is all about: creating figures in an allegorical frame, multiple fields of the figure, supers-figures, and making figure what is not a priori figure. The questions of beauty, truthfulness, plausibility or realism no longer prevail, what operates here is an alteration of our field of reality.

On view until 19 December

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Online Screening: Beyond the Visible – Hilma Af Klint

Modern Films, Camden Art Centre, Serpentine Galleries and Frieze London 2020 present the UK Premiere of the film Beyond The Visible – Hilma af Klint. – the first film about the life and work of the visionary abstract painter.

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