/online exhibition/ Felix Gonzalez TORRES — at David Zwirner Gallery

The exhibition recognizes this unique moment in history and reflects the ever-relevant and flexible nature of the work of Felix Gonzalez-Torres. Many of Gonzalez-Torres’s works addresses the capacity for immortality through regeneration, heightened by the experience of loss within these works.

On view until July 5, 2020

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/online exhibition/ 21’st century landscape — at Petzel Gallery

While landscape painting dates back to antiquity, it only became a serious genre when artists began using landscapes as a retreat from the complexities of modern life. The landscape became a reflection of philosophical ideas when previously, landscapes were simply an image of pastoral idyll.

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This exhibition is currently being presented as part of MOMA’S Virtual Views series.

On view (online) until July 11

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/ONLINE VIEWING ROOM/ Harold Ancart: Pools — David Zwirner

“My assistant and I were sweating a lot, complaining about the fact that almost nobody has a swimming pool in New York City. It is because of the real estate—the price per square foot, and the density of the population—that no one has one. But what if they were smaller? …” — Harold Ancart

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Sublimating the natural world in works that both defy and embrace the basic functions of art, Falls’ works record specific moments in time as well as the infinite human impulse to commune with nature.

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Artist Spotlight— at Gagosian Gallery

The featured artists include Sarah Sze, Stanley Whitney, Jennifer Guidi, Roe Ethridge, Titus Kaphar, Katharina Grosse, Theaster Gates, Dan Colen, Urs Fischer, Mark Grotjahn, Mary Weatherford, Rudolf Polanszky, Damien Hirst, and Jenny Saville.

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